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Monday, 2 August 2010

Movie Salt@Garam!

Smlm i went for a movie. Rasa nak tengok sangat citer Salt ni coz tgk gazette dia cam best some more starring AngelinaJjolie kan. Harusla jugak nk tengok. So, my conclusion is this movie is superb! 2 thumbs up! since the storyline is all about CIA, all about the American n Russian spy so of cozla it is a full action pack movie. Tak sempat nk berkelip la mata ko! nsb baik tak beli popcorn klu tak harus xsempat nk makan + mengunyah popcorn tu sbb khusyuk sgt and u just dont want 2 miss the action!

U guys should experience the thrill and excitement by urselves then u'll know what i babbling about!! :P ..tpkan on top of the US Chart skang is Inception by Leonardo DiCaprio. Aku tak tengok pon citer ni. Best ke ek? By the way..suka no aku tgk gaya Evelyn Salt yg penuh bergaya tu..yg tak tahan asyik main rembat barang orang jer tau while she was on the run!!

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